About Jennifer

I started cooking during my senior year of high school, mostly to help my Mom or to cook something nice for my boyfriend (now husband). I started with packaged foods and easy recipes and I really enjoyed myself and felt comfortable in the kitchen. I discovered in college that cooking for yourself saves a lot of money, so I cooked almost every day. I made a lot of comfort foods but my recipe box got larger and had a little bit more courage with experimenting in the kitchen.

As an Engineer, I find cooking to be a great creative outlet. It relieves stress and gives me a sense of well being. I decided to make a blog so I could share recipes and stories with others. I am a Mother of two children, a boy and a girl, and I am married to my high school sweetheart. I hope you enjoy perusing my blog!

About Sunshine and Spices

This blog is a compilation of my favorite recipes and much more. Here are some quick facts about my blog:

- I only post about the food I like. I make these recipes several times before I post them. I usually don't make things more than once unless every member of my family enjoyed it. I don't post things that turned out "OK". If it's in my blog, it's probably good.

- I am not perfect and neither is my blog. There will be typos and bad photos and such. Please feel free to comment if you find something out of place.

- I'm working on the photography, bear with me..

- I will also post about knitting, restaurant visits, outings with the kids, and gardening, so not all posts will include a recipe.